Parking guidance systems for off-street parking

Finding available off-street parking in a congested urban environment is a challenge for any adept driver. Using innovative parking guidance systems definitely resolves this dilemma.

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Parking guidance systems for on-street parking

As in the case with off-street parking, drivers face similar challenges when it comes to locating available on-street parking spaces. A parking guidance system for on-street parking directs drivers to the closest available parking spots.


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Wide-Area Traffic Data Collection

In the realm of traffic management, the goal is to ensure efficient mobility of people and goods in all situations. A wide-area traffic data collection system based on cellular networks and vehicles as probes is an efficient solution that enables road authorities to meet this challenging goal.

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Welcome to Innovation MI-8

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) improve the movement of people and goods to meet the collective challenges associated with sustainable mobility in smart cities of today and tomorrow.

In this context, MI-8 distinguishes itself by ensuring the performance of an intelligent transportation system on a continuous basis over time.

This includes detection, communication, data processing and dissemination of information.

MI-8 aims to build permanent ITS partnerships for its customers. Our philosophy is always to deliver the service that an ITS provides beyound the technology that will support this service.

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