Parking guidance systems for off-street parking

Finding available off-street parking in a congested urban environment is a challenge for any adept driver. Using innovative parking guidance systems definitely resolves this dilemma.

Dynamic parking guidance signs provide drivers information relative to a parking facility’s location and occupancy status. Strategically located throughout the road network, these signs provide relevant information to drivers thereby improving traffic flow and reducing stress. Space information is continuously updated in real-time, which allows drivers to reach the closest available parking facility in an efficient manner.

Comprised of energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED), theses signs are offered in two configurations: Full matrix display with alphanumeric characters modules. The LED displays can be either monochrome (amber) or full colour.

Much more flexibility is possible with full matrix displays. These can be used for disseminating information such as tourist attractions, road construction and traffic incidences.

In addition to the dynamic displays, the system comprises two other key components; the operating software and the communication infrastructure.

The operating software provides the data analytics and monitoring platform required to ensure a fully functional system designed to meet the most stringent requirements. The software provides advanced command and control features that drives each individual display within the network as well as monitoring the overall health status of the system components.

The communication infrastructure could be wired (serial or fibre optic), wireless or a combination of both. In the case of a wireless configuration, the solution supports both radio and cellular networks.

Parking guidance systems for on-street parking

As in the case with off-street parking, drivers face similar challenges when it comes to locating available on-street parking spaces. A parking guidance system for on-street parking directs drivers to the closest available parking spots.

Each individual on-street parking space is monitored using embedded ultra-low power wireless sensors. The sensors, connected to routers forming a wireless mesh network, provide the essential occupancy data required for real-time monitoring and analytics.

Guidance towards the free parking space is achieved with the aid of an intuitive smartphone application. The parking data is made available on a hosted software platform, which also monitors system operation and performance.


Wide-Area Traffic Data Collection

In the realm of traffic management, the goal is to ensure efficient mobility of people and goods in all situations. A wide-area traffic data collection system based on cellular networks and vehicles as probes is an efficient solution that enables road authorities to meet this challenging goal.

The system continuously monitors traffic speeds, travel times and incidents in real-time. The information gathered can also be used for origin-destination analysis from intersection/corridor levels to a metro-wide level in all modes of transportation, generating complete data solution for transportation planning, demographic movements and impact studies.

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